Product Overview


RSP Multi Flow Mini-Pump SV/PV £29.99

Weight: 196g / 100 strokes: <5psi / Length: 220mm / Aluminium barrel / Gauge / Hose fit / Presta-Schraeder compatible with adaptor / Shock and tyre compatible / Geared inflation via turn switch / Bleed button for shock air release / Contact: Getting a pump to work with suspension units is always going to be a compromise — the two jobs have two different requirements; a shock pump needs low volume and high pressure, while a tyre pump wants the opposite. The RSP tries to get around this by using a dual piston ‘gearing’ system to switch between the two, just like the Crank Bros. Comparing it to a RockShox dedicated shock unit we found the gauge to be inaccurate on a shock, but it did pump it up without a problem and the bleed button allowed for fine tweaking. When used as a tyre pump, though, even with the high volume selected, we couldn’t shift enough air with 100 strokes to even register a figure on our digital pressure gauge! Nicely made and neat, it will work for both purposes in a pinch, but not very well for either. We lost count after 300 pumps when trying to inflate a tyre. Mbr rating:6