Product Overview


R SealSkinz Mid Light £22.50

Sizes: S (3-5), M(6-8), L (9-11), XL (12-15)/Merino wool lining/Porelle membrane/Weight: 106g

The blue band around the top of the SealSkinz socks helps distinguish them from the lighter and thinner Ultra Light Seal Skins featured in the sock section. You wear the SealSkinz like a regular sock and a merino wool lining guarantees that they feel comfortable next to your skin. The Porelle membrane waterproofs them and — even in the worst conditions where your fee get wet — with the SealSkinz in place our feet have never been cold. They may be a tad bulky, but the SealSkinz are very comfortable and you can just bung them in the washing machine with rest of your kit at the end.