Product Overview


Quad QHD-5 Dime XC £79.99

Weight: 465g per wheel / International Standard or post mount / Semi-metallic pads / Split-clamp levers / ‘No tool’ adjustable
Contact: Raleigh 01773 532600

Quad’s latest brake line is aimed squarely at the cross-country set, with lightweight stainless steel fittings and a lever that is claimed to be lighter than the carbon equivalent used by Avid. The company even discarded the notion of braided hoses because they would have added an extra 20-30g at each end.
Featuring a monobloc caliper body for strength, and ‘pulse’ (wavy-edged) rotors in 160mm, the brake seems sure to find its way onto bikes with a budget build. Distributor Raleigh tells us that a new Pulse XC rotor is in the pipeline that boasts single spars in place of the current pairs, further reducing the already decent overall weight. This item should be available mid-summer and will shave 100g off the current rotor mass. The unit is post-mounted but comes with adapters to fit to your international standard fork. Other features are the ever-useful split-bar clamp for southpaws, a stainless steel adjustable banjo for perfect hose alignment, and stainless bleed nipples. A cheaper version — the Axis — (standard lever, circular rotor, non-stainless fittings, direct hose, black finish) is also available for £59.99.
Each brake comes with an olive and o-ring for shortening the hose, which is good because we needed to lop a few inches off ours. We also bled the system using DOT-4 fluid and the double syringe bleed kit (Raleigh sells this separately for £11.99). It took a long ride to bed the pads in to the level where we were able to lock the rear wheel with one finger. We employed the front brake only on steeper — albeit short — descents. The modulation on the Dimes is very good and, of course, you can adjust the feel and throw with the plastic dials that sit grip-side of the lever; an unobtrusive position where a stack is unlikely to snap them off. Pound-for-pound the Dime punches above its weight — and price.