Product Overview


Push Carbon CNC Mini-Pump £24.99

Weight: 92g / 100 strokes: 11.5psi / Length: 290mm / Carbon with T6-6061 aluminium barrel lining / Presta-Schraeder compatible with dismantling / Contact:

One for the weight freaks out there, the Push Carbon is a neat little bit of kit. Long in the barrel but narrow in bore, it can easily slip down the side of even the smallest hydration pack, squeezing alongside the bladder quite happily if necessary.

The long body means there is plenty to get hold of when you are pumping, but a narrow bore results in not a whole lot of air actually being shifted with each stroke — hence a rather poor rating in our 100 stroke test. Nevertheless, it does give a light action, meaning it is actually good on paper up to 160psi. Low volume equals high pressure.

The valve type changeover was a bit fiddly, with a small knurled ring needing to be removed and gubbins to be turned — not easy in the rain. One to choose only if you live in a ‘low puncture’ area and want to save weight, and you’re not afraid of the relatively heavy price tag.

Mbr rating:7