Product Overview


Pinhead Tri Pack £39.99

Weight: 119g / two wheel skewers, seat binder bolt and headset cap and bolt / Contact:

A couple of months back someone nicked the quick release skewers off my bike when it was locked at the station — I think it was the local kids having a laugh but it was pretty annoying. Anyway I replaced them with some Kryptonite security skewers I found in a draw but it turns out they were actually made by Canadian outfit Pinhead under a licensing deal. The company now offers them under it’s own name and includes two wheel skewers, a binder bolt and a headset cap, all with the same unique security key, in this Tri Pack.
You’re only really going to be interested in this product if you have a mid-range commuter rig because you’d be mad to leave a high-end bike locked up anywhere even with it Pinhead-protected. That said the skewers are secure and reliable, at least until the local toerags can find a way to get them off.

Mbr rating:8