Product Overview


NC-17 Empire S-Pro II seatpost £59.99

7mm or 8mm rails / Length: 400mm / Sizes: 26.8, 27.2, 30.0, 30.9, 31.6mm / Weight: 317g / Contact: MTB Distribution 0131 445 2600

Similar to the now discontinued Race Face XY, NC-17’s S-Pro has independent tilt and fore-aft adjustment, with an additional fine-tune pitch adjustment. By turning the red dial you can actually spin the centre sleeve a full 360 degrees, which is handy for accessing the alternate 8mm saddle rail slots.
Both the head and clamps are forged and the shaft has a consistent 1.4mm wall thickness. It’s a strong post that’s also backed up by a two-year warranty and a Fair Trade replacement programme.
The problem we have is: who’s going to buy it? Cross-country racers would welcome the fine-tune facility but not the weight, whereas freeriders don’t care about weight but they aren’t bothered about fine-tuning either. The good news is NC-17 has an 80g lighter (Mk III) S-Pro post coming.