Product Overview


MET Testagrossa £44.99

Weight: 300g / Colours: blue, black / Sizes: XL 61-64cm / Crash Replacement £28.96 / Contact:

One designed and marketed specifically at those with a larger noggin. Only fitting heads between 61 and 64cm, the Testagrossa fills a gap where many helmet manufacturers fear to tread or at least don’t bother. Unfortunately where it has chosen to help out our large-craniumed friends, they haven’t really pushed the boat out. Styling is a bit short on the Testagrossa, reminding us more of a sub £20 helmet, there is minimal venting in evidence, especially at the back and sides, and very shallow internal channels to move the air through. The retention system (Safe-T-X) adjustment is a basic push ratchet (squeeze to unlock each side individually) which made it a bit fiddly to balance as opposed to the wheel style, which works by taking up slack from both sides simultaneously.

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