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Met Kaos Ultimate 2009 helmet review

Met’s Ultimalite has a lighter density EPS core than the firm’s regular lids. EPS comprises thousands of balls of polystyrene (like in a bean bag) stuck together, and in this helmet these are bigger, with more air inside than normal, hence the low weight. The downside of the material is it can mark quite easily, and while the rear part is bottom wrapped, the front edge on our sample is already sporting a few dings and scuffs.

Sizing is a bit out on Met helmets — we’re usually medium, but the equivalent Met comes up small, so we usually go up a size. And while the fit is good the helmet does look a bit oversized. Met’s retention device is OK, with two pinch adjusters for a snug fit. There’s no vertical adjustment, though we find most don’t offer much of a range.

The visor clips directly into the micro-shell and lacks any tilt adjustment. It’s also on the low side, so gets in the way when riding head down — we suspect most racers will probably ditch it.

Met saves more weight with lighter webbing, and it also embeds the cut end of the strap into the shell, so all you see are two finished loops. The only snag is the buckles tend to migrate down the chinstrap over time.

Mbr rating: 8