Product Overview


Mavic Crossmax ST Disc 20 £500

Only sold as pair; weight 1,646g

The Crossmax ST disc front wheel is available with a QR or 20mm hub, with dedicated hub internals. So the 20mm inners are not interchangeable with the 9mm QR version and vice versa. Mavic says that this makes for a lighter hub construction than with the interchangeable system found on the Crossmax XL/SX.
Mavic leads the way with rim graphics that don’t peel off when you jet-wash your bike. Granted it’s not the most important aspect of a wheel but it is one reason why Mavic wheels cost more.
Reduced spoke tension can cause the straight-pull Zicral spokes to unhook from the non-driveside of the rear hub. Mavic has since installed small plastic grommets to cure this but the best option is to get a metal Mavic spoke key (not the plastic one supplied) and tension the spokes after the first couple of hard rides.
On the trail the Crossmax ST give a more compliant ride than the other wheels on test, with an obvious weight advantage. Steering precision isn’t as good as the Specialized wheels, nor do they roll as fast, but they have a good track record providing you’re a wheels-on-the-ground, get-the-power-down type of rider. Good thing too, as replacement rims are £85 a pop.