Product Overview


Lazer XTR £24.99

One size/Weight: 267g
Contact: Greyville Enterprises: 01543 251328

Like the Specialized helmet, the Lazer uses a retention system adjusted with two zip tie-like adjusters, rather than a single jog wheel. When set up carefully both are equally effective, but if rushed it is possible to set up these twin-sided devices off centre, which can pull the helmet to the side, making them slightly less comfortable.
Large expanses of foam internally make the helmet quite warm to wear, and combined with a lack of internal profiling do little to encourage airflow.
A distinct lack of holes on the side of the helmet merely encourages heat retention.
A large reflective sticker on the rear is a nice safety touch, but large amounts of exposed foam look shabby quickly. The shape of the helmet offers more protection than the Raleigh, coming further down the side of the head, but there are better ways to cover your noggin.