Product Overview


Lake MX330C £165

Lake has done things differently with its placement of the BOA ratchet on the heel of its MX330C shoes. In theory this should pull the shoe nice and tight around the ankle, but in practice the crossing of the BOA cable across the forefoot meant that heel-lift was still noticeable, and we had to retighten the BOA a couple of times during the first half-hour of each ride before it settled into its perfect spot. Part of the problem is getting enough tension on the BOA twister in its position on the heel: its base has been built up, preventing it from twisting more than a single click at high tension.

That said, the 330Cs are incredibly comfortable — the combination of the BOA’s load-spreading abilities and the Kangaroo leather upper make sure there are no pressure points anywhere.

Lake has produced a shoe that is considerably heavier than the other two tested here, but it is also more robust and the most trail-rider friendly, sporting as it does a full rubber outsole for when you really have to get off and push. Beneath the rubber is a carbon midsole which is almost equal to Specialized’s in terms of stiffness.

As an everyday shoe, the MX330C’s were a better compromise than the Scott or Specialized — and the BOA also seemed less prone to getting gunged up with dirt — but could use a couple of small improvements to make them perfect.

Sizes: 41-48
Weight: 421g

Mbr rating: 8