Product Overview


Hydrapak Pacifica £25

New screw-top reservoir/Mesh external pockets/O-ring hose guides/Easy-Flo bite valve
Weight: 398g

The Pacifica is from a new range of bags from Hydrapack. To keep the quality of the bag itself, while offering increased value, a new bladder has been designed. Rather than a roll-top closure, the Pacifica uses a screw-top cap with the hose exiting the centre of the cap. Despite the cap being fitted at the base of the reservoir, the hose sits over an inch from the base of the bladder. This means that even when the hose tells you the bag is empty, there is always some liquid left. In a small bladder such as this, it’s not a good thing to lose 10 per cent of your capacity this way.
The bag shares the high-flow bite valve and the bright pocket lining with its expensive sibling. Two external mesh pockets increase carrying capacity, with the hose exiting from one of these. Running outside the bag, the hose is more susceptible to snagging. There are no stabilising straps, but the strap shape is reasonably effective. These small issues combined mean we’d recommend spending the extra fiver, especially if Hydrapak is your brand of choice.