Product Overview


Hydrapak Flume £30

Hydrapak 2-litre roll-top bladder/Bungee/Lockable Easy-Flo bite valve/Key clip
Weight: 358g

From the Flume upwards, every trail pack in Hydrapak’s range uses a proprietary roll-top closure bladder. Taking the technology from waterproof bags used in watersports, the closure is not only secure but, thanks to the flexibility of the polyurethane used, it’s possible to turn the bag inside-out for cleaning. The Easy-Flo bite valve has the highest flow rate of all the bags tested, and the simple water bottle style push-to-lock mechanism is a one-handed operation. While effective when new, we can’t help but feel the Velcro hose fixing will deteriorate.
The bag itself has a large capacity for spares and gear, thanks to a large pocket and bungees. Not only that, but the pocket is lined with a bright fabric, making finding things at the bottom a lot easier. With almost straight straps, the bag does not follow the contours of the body and, despite the chest strap, it still moved around more than other similarly proportioned trail packs.
An excellent bladder and a good carrying capacity but, like the CamelBaks, the strap fixings and the shape of strap do nothing for stability when fully laden.