Product Overview


Hope Vision 1 LED £79

Weight: 238g / Red, black, blue or gunsmoke / Helmet and bar mount / Five power settings

Hope’s new Vision 1 LED produces about 240 lumens of light output from four AA batteries. It has five settings and, as battery power fades, defaults to the lowest flashing option. It comes with a plastic clamp that fits 25.4 or 31.8mm bars and has a few degrees of angle adjustment. The body has been designed as a scallop shape to increase surface area, which Hope says provides a heat sink, keeping the internal circuitry cool and providing an optimum operating temperature for the high-powered LED.
Versatility is the watchword here. It’s an emergency light to get you home when your proper lights have given up the ghost. It’s also an auxillary helmet light, a commuter light, a torch and a light you can use at a 24-hour event when it’s not really dark but you’ve been told to fit something by the race organiser!
Best of all, it’s compact enough to carry in a CamelBak, so if you do get caught short at this time of year you’re not looking at riding home in the dark.