Product Overview


Hope Mono Mini Pro £175

The stainless braking surface of the 140 and 160mm floating rotors are ground thinner to reduce weight but Hope has achieved the biggest weight saving with the alloy rotor carrier. Floating rotors do make a clicking sound when cooling so don’t be alarmed as it’s perfectly normal. All in the 160mm Hope rotor is 29g lighter than its closest rival, making the Hope Pro brake system the lightest on test.
Every bolt on the Mini Pro is titanium and it’s the first Hope brake to sport a carbon lever blade. Lever position is the best on test; it has a very light action and the brake has plenty of modulation without feeling mushy. There is even enough space to get at the reach adjuster with a bulky multi tool. Our only complaint with the Hope Pro, in fact all Hope brakes, is that the lever bolt and Nylox lock-nut look cheap and because the bolt protrudes, it interferes slightly with the shifters. All Hope brakes now come with phenolic pistons to reduce heat transfer into the fluid and we’ll know for sure if they work after a trip to the Alps. If we have any problems you’ll be the first to know.