Product Overview


Hayes Stroker Trail 7in £124.99

Stopping power is really impressive on the Stroker Trail even if it lacks the lever feel and modulation that you get with the SLX and Avid Juicy 5. The power is partly due to the long lever blade, but the extra length also increases lever travel and it is actually possible to adjust the Stroker lever so that it bottoms out the grip. Lever shape is also a little strange — if you one-finger brake the kink at the end digs into your finger. Even though the lever blade is ultra-long the flat section is cramped when two-finger braking. Fortunately the ample stopping power with 7in rotors means it’s one-finger braking in every situation.

The tool-free reach adjuster is a nice touch but once you’ve got the levers where you want them you’ll never use it again. In fact, the real reason to spring the extra cash on the Stroker Trail over the entry-level Ride is that the caliper pistons are bigger, as are the pad, so you get more braking power and improved pad life. If it’s weight saving you are after forget the Stroker Carbon and wait for the new Stroker Gram to arrive.

Mbr rating:8