Product Overview


Giro Rift £39.99

Colours: blue/white, black ti, carbon ti, white ti / Crash replacement £18 / Contact:

It’s a good job the Snap-fit visor on the Rift is small because I can see it when I’m riding and, being fixed, there’s no getting it out of the way. It’s also has a sort of duckbill shape and is slightly narrower compared to a Giro E2 visor but at least it does keep the sun out of your eyes.

A few dings appeared on the exposed EPS at the back of the Rift before I even took it out of the office so it’s worth treating with care. As a ‘universal fit’ it’s wide, designed for 54-61cm bonces. The AcuDial winds in the slack on the head strap and can also be moved up and down to cup the bottom of the occipital bone, where it sticks out at the back of your skull. 20 or so vents offer good cooling, again it’s not as good as an E2 but you won’t notice if this is your first helmet.

As a first step on the Giro ladder the Rift is a fantastic buy because it apes the E2 in everything but price.

Mbr rating:10