Product Overview


Giro Indicator £29.99

Alloy/silver, blue/white, black/pewter, red/white, titanium / One size / Weight: 259g / Contact:

The AcuDial retention system is almost identical to that found on the Bell, sharing a lockable thumbwheel adjuster. However, the whole device sits lower on your head and further from the base of the helmet shell, which allows easier access to the adjuster and makes initial set-up less fiddly.
Internal channelling is also very similar in design, but sadly, it is not as deep and therefore not quite as effective. That said, it is easily on a par with the Uvex and only slightly lagging behind the Slant. Exposed lower sections are more susceptible to damage in transit and crashes due to the lack of a hardshell covering of the lower parts. The Indicator also shares the same solidly fixed and soft feel straps as the Bell, making it the most comfortable mid-priced helmet here.