Product Overview


Geax Barro Mud 1.7 £24.95

Sizes: 1.7in / Compound: 3D / Bead: aramid / Tread: uni-directional / Weight: 434g

The tread pattern on the Geax Barro bears more than a striking resemblance to the Continental Cross Country, and it’s not much fatter at 1.7in. Not only is it narrow but the Barro also has a very low profile so you need to run higher tyre pressures to reduce the risk of pinch-flatting. As a result, you instantly notice how important your tyres and their inflation pressures are to the suspension performance of the bike — basically the Barro makes for a much harsher ride. And while our Marin test mule benefited from running low-profile rubber, as it lowered the rider’s centre of gravity, you need to be careful on bikes with low bottom brackets as you could easily run into pedal clearance issues.
Rolling speed is surprisingly slow for such a narrow tyre and again that is probably down to reduced suspension performance. Lean the Barro into a corner and it is shocking how little traction it offers. Closer inspection of the tyre profile reveals a large step between the centre knobs and inadequate side knobs. The Geax Barro Mud just doesn’t cut it.