Product Overview


FSA K-Force seatpost £99.95

Sizes: 27.2, 29.4, 31.6 and 32.4mm / 350mm length / 0mm, 25mm or 40mm lay back / 195-220g / One-piece construction / Contact:

The reason we’re featuring the K-Force seatpost here is not because it’s carbon, sexy and very lightweight, but rather because it’s perfect for tailoring your position on your bike. FSA makes the K-Force with three different laybacks — 0mm (or inline), a fairly standard 25mm, or a massive 40mm (featured). Why is this useful to you? Well, if you’re an XC or Marathon rider who doesn’t move your seat up and down very often, but does want to achieve an efficient, powerful riding position, you’ll be interested. Also, getting the right saddle setback isn’t always easy, especially on suspension bikes where the seat tube is often interrupted by the rear shock, so having a choice of three layback options is very useful.

A number of high-profile physios and bike fit experts also recommend the K-Force seatpost as, if you file down the retention tabs on the saddle clamp, you can move the saddle off centre. Not immediately useful admittedly, but potentially beneficial if you have some sort of pelvic asymmetry.

We wouldn’t put the K-Force on a bike where the saddle is moved up and down lots, but on a hardtail or an XC race bike, it’s pretty much perfect.

MBR rating:9