Product Overview


FSA K-Force post £119.95, K-Force XC bar £94.95, FSA OS-99 STEM £119.9

FSA has a new lower rise (18mm) and wider (660mm) handlebar due any day now, which would be a better bet for trail riding than the 630mm-wide carbon/Kevlar K-Force XC here. With a similar weight, FSA could be on to a winner as it’s a good shape, it’s light and it has a textured clamp area.

The shortest OS-99 stem FSA makes is an 80mm, which we’d use on a race bike. It’s forged, has opposing steerer clamp bolts and is probably the only length that weighs 99g.

The K-Force seatpost is a two-bolt design, with a full carbon shaft/head. In theory, it should be lightweight but the head isn’t hollow and FSA runs a crude, heavy clamp. The design also uses longer heavier bolts and isn’t easy to adjust — getting a tool into the inboard bolt head is very tricky. The good news is that the K-Force is offered in 0, 20 or 35mm layback options, so if FSA produced a lighter design it could seriously undercut the competition in the weight stakes.

Overall weight: 478g

Mbr rating: 8