Product Overview


Fox Float R £369

Weight: 1,742g (3.84lb) / Axle to crown: 475mm / Air spring, rebound adjustment / Travel; 100, 120, 140mm with spacers / Contact: Mojo 01633 615815 [left-hand pic]

To fit the test parameters our test fork has been reduced from 140 to 100mm of travel. This is something you can do at home if you’re a competent mechanic because two plastic spacers are included in the box, or you could get a shop to do this for around £10-20 if you lack the skills. Reducing the travel means you’re carrying some extra weight in the longer stanchions but you’re future proofing your purchase and can always liberate the travel to 120 or 140mm if you upgrade bikes in the future.

The lowers are similar to those on the F100 but on the back you’ll see it has the familair webbed brace, which is a mud trap. Of the forks on test the Float feels the most burly, we wouldn’t have any qualms about running it on a jump bike.

With only air spring pressure and rebound adjustment to play with it didn’t take long for us to get the Float R set up to our liking. On our test Giant Trance Advanced it felt the most stable and controlled of the three entry-level forks, in fact it was the only fork we felt really comfortable with when ripping into rocky or rough terrain. It’s not the lightest fork but what makes it a ‘10’ is the fact that it just gets the job done, the adjustments on offer are all you really need, and it would be a good buy for a whole gamut of bikes.

Mbr rating:10