Product Overview


Fork Juice lube review

There are plenty of miracle sprays on the market that claim they can eliminate stiction, reduce dirt built up around the fork seals and generally mean you don’t have to bother with
a maintenance programme.

The difference between Fork Juice and something like GT85 is it contains silicone, which means it ‘sets up’ dry leaving a slippery sheen on the stanchion like a polish, rather than a oily film that can attract grit and dirt.

Most fork oils are silicone based and the grease/lube products that some fork firms recommend you apply also contain this substance.

Fork Juice is very effective on new forks or shocks which are tight out of the box, or those with large diameter stanchions and seals like DH forks.

It may not replace proper servicing but it’s cheap and more convenient and less messy than grease. And if your fork feels like it’s pushing through custard it might actually improve performance. The fact that it repels mud also means you can spray some on your frame and pedals (an old XC racers’ tip) before a wet ride or race and reduce the amount of mud that will stick on your bike.

Mbr rating: 9