Product Overview


Fizik Flash Saddle £34.99

8mm steel rails/Replaceable nose and side scuff guards/Colours: flash mud Cordura and brown or black Cordura and Scottish fur (pictured)/Weight: 314g

Fizik does not produce a specific dirt jump saddle (the Freek’s classed as a freeride perch), but the Flash BMX saddle is an obvious crossover product. Featurewise it ticks all the boxes — the 8mm cro-mo rails are solid and scuff guards protect the edges of the saddle when you lay it down. The padding is excellent and the Cordura upper is tough and pretty grippy. The only drawback with the upper is that it isn’t waterproof. Squared bright tartan fur pimps up the sides of the saddle but the saddle edges are a bit square for knee grab tricks like suicides and bar spins, making kneepads
a must.
The Flash is very comfortable, extremely well made and looks the nuts, but there are plenty of cheaper alternatives designed specifically for dirt jumping, even if they are not as, er, flash.