Product Overview


Endura Stingray £34.99

Four lenses / Hard case / Microfibre cleaning cloth / Contact:

Clothing company Endura has branched out into the eyewear market with a range aimed squarely at the M:Vision D’Arcs market. The Stingray is the top of the range and comes with four interchangeable lenses — clear, light enhancing (orange), black and a polarised mirror finished. These clip in and out of the frames pretty easily, and if you just want a functional pair of glasses and aren’t worried about labels or the cachet they apparently bring, the Stingrays don’t look that bad. Our only gripe is the soft-tipped, vented nose bridge is not really soft tipped and can leave a mark after a day riding. Slightly more expensive than the glasses they ape, but the lenses are OK quality and there are enough options for most riding conditions.

Mbr rating:8