Product Overview


Easton MonkeyLite SL 31.8mm £109.99

Proprietary Easton CNT composite material/Weight 145g/Width 635mm/8deg backsweep, 4deg upsweep/Low rise/25.4mm version also available (610mm wide, 135g)

Easton’s MonkeyLite SL handlebar is now available with an oversized 31.8mm bulge and it’s also grown 15mm to 635mm wide (25in in old money). While undeniably light, it’s still quite narrow for a riser bar so it’s worth measuring your current set-up before you take the plunge. Carbon has a reputation for damping vibration but having changed from an aluminium bar we couldn’t notice any difference in comfort — probably thanks to the large volume front tyre and suspension fork getting in there first.
The low rise is perfect for longer-travel XC applications where a long fork makes keeping the front end low enough the priority. Easton’s standard profile means the MonkeyLites feel instantly familiar; what you’re paying for here is the weight saving, increased stiffness and all-important bragging rights.