Product Overview


Easton Havoc AM £399.99

Only sold as pair; weight 1,905g

Easton ships the Havoc AM wheels with two QRs, rim tape and 20mm adapters for the front hub. Because the front axle adapters are held in place by o-rings, it is a doddle changing between formats, but it also means that the 20mm adapters fall out easily when you remove the wheel. Applying a dollop of grease helps hold them in place and improves sealing but don’t be surprised if you pull the wheel out of the boot to find that you have lost one or both of the 20mm adapters.
Freehub engagement speed is the same as Shimano but after a couple of muddy rides the Easton freehub started making a nasty cracking noise under load. This was due to contamination as sealing isn’t great on the freehub. Fortunately stripping the freehub is quick and easy; just take the time to ensure that the lip seal is seated correctly when you reassemble it.
After a trip to Spain, the rear rim had several dings, but overall the Easton wheels still ran true. The low spoke count and light rim offer a fast-rolling package but the AMs aren’t as stiff as a full-on 32-spoke wheel.