Product Overview


DT Swiss EX200 £365

Sizes: 165×38, 190×50, 200×55, 222×63.5mm / Adjustments: platform, rebound (remote platform adjuster available separately) / Negative spring: elastomer / Weight: 219g

After the first couple of hours of riding we topped up the pressure in the DT shock to compensate for the reduced friction as the shock bedded in, and then repeated the process again a couple of hours later once the shock was fully up to speed. The valve stem on the EX200 is easily the lowest profile on test and on a bike like the Orange 5, where the shock head is right next to your knee, it’s a definite bonus. After playing with the platform adjuster we settled on six clicks from fully closed. If you want a lockout then maximum platform damping is close enough, but the shock still works when you slam the rear end into something as the adjuster knob only preloads the check valve, and when open oil flows freely over the shim stack.
Of the four shocks on test the DT Swiss EX200 is definitely the most comfortable on the descents without being overly soft as to compromise handling. The high-speed compression coped well with everything that we could throw at it and the shock doesn’t bottom as easily as you expect when you just bounce up and down on it. Given the choice we’d have more low-speed compression damping valved into the shock to compensate for the hammock in the spring curve of the large volume aircan and stop the shock from being so active when climbing. Either that or a smaller aircan. In the end we increased the air pressure in the shock to stop it feeling so active on the climbs. Rebound damping is very consistent and doesn’t fade, but you do have to run it quite slow to stop the shock wanting to sit up to full extension when unweighted.
For an off the peg damper the DT Swiss EX200 performed amazingly well straight out of the box. Damping feels very consistent, and the platform adjuster is effective and offers a good degree of adjustment. Add that to the fact that the EX200 is almost 15 per cent lighter than its closest rival and you can see why this is going to be a popular shock. The only unknown is reliability as we haven’t had the shock for long enough to comment. That said, the ball and socket mounts stop the shock being subjected to side loads and DT kit is always top quality so we can’t see reliability being a problem. When Pace gets up to speed with custom tuning and servicing there is no reason not to spend your money on this shock. It made the bike feel fast with the same level of control as the Fox, it was just more comfort orientated.