Product Overview


DT RWS QR £34.99

9mm front or 10mm rear / weight: 65g (rear) / contact:

The DT RWS (Ratchet Wheel-mounting System) bolt-through rear skewer is fully compatible with 10mm conventional vertical rear dropouts but adds that extra bit of security. You need a 10mm bolt through 135mm spacing rear hub to run it and DT produces conversion kits for the majority of its hubs as do other custom hub manufacturers. To secure the rear wheel you turn the lever round tightening the axle into the nut on the on opposite side. When the axle is tight you rest your thumb on the red Allen head, pull the lever away for the dropout to temporally disengage it from the axle and reposition the lever. It’s not as quick to use a regular QR but the DT RWS should be a lot stronger.

MBR rating: 9/10