Product Overview


DMR Zip Grips £7.95

With or without flange / Weight: 114g pair / Colours: bone grey, brown, Irish green, black, purple, red, vivid blue

Brighten up your bike with a couple of DMR’s new Technicolor Zip Grips. Like previous versions they can be zip-tied to the bars for added security but we’re not sure if this method is all it’s cracked up to be. They won’t hold on their own, you’ll still need to use some glue or our favourite, model paint, but the zip-ties do sit in two slots, complete with square pockets for the heads. Zip Grips are longer than normal, but they are designed for jump bikes without the usual bar paraphernalia like shifters, a computer or GPS. Comfort-wise they can be ridden with bare hands and are well priced for non lock-ons.