Product Overview


Diatech Tuff Guy MX Grips £8.99

Weight: 112g/130mm long/Black laser etched clamps/Plain Ruffian style option
Contact: Ison Distribution 01223 213800

You’d be forgiven for thinking these were ODI Ruffian MX Lock-Ons. They’re not compatible with the USA grip and the clamp finish isn’t to the same high quality but the pattern and compound is identical. Bigger 3mm clamp bolts are used in the collars (they’re 2.5mm on ODIs) that Diatech claims reduces the risk of stripping, which would be a good thing if you’re reusing the collars but since this is a disposable grip it’s arguable whether they make any difference.
Half the price, same pattern, same rubber compound, slightly different collar but just as secure, and from a distance you can’t tell them apart from regular Ruffians. Is 10 out of 10 about right? We think so.