Product Overview


Crank BROS Shoe Shields £7.99

Weight: 8g a pair / Stainless steel / Contact

After testing all the pedals in our grouptest beginning on page 62 we noticed a bit of wear (a slight groove) on the soles of our shoes caused by the retention bars on Crank Bros pedals. To combat this problem the company invented the Shoe Shield, a simple steel plate that you insert under the cleat to stop the bar wearing into the sole of the shoe, a big problem we hear on carbon-soled race shoes.

The shield also acts as a spacer and can lift the cleat slightly, for better clearance, mud shedding and engagement. It has the standard two-bolt fixing so is compatible with Time and the new Look pedals as well as Crank Bros. If you have a wear or clearance issue with Shimano you could use it with them too.

MBR rating:9