Product Overview


Control Tech Team Issue post £69.99, FX stem £69.99, Tech SUP bar £39.99

We swapped our original Estro stem for Control Tech’s innovative FX stem. It has oversized hollow aluminium bolts on the faceplate and steerer clamp, which need treating with care compared to steel but they do allow Control Tech to offer a stronger unit at a lighter weight. The FX also comes in a wider range of lengths than the Estro, including a 70mm.

The rest of the Control Tech finishing kit is workmanlike rather than spectacular. The bar is carrying a bit of extra weight and the finish is patchy but it has a good shape and it’s not too narrow. The scandium seatpost is a similar twin-bolt design to a Thomson, and even has the ribbed surface. The forged cradle isn’t light but has more layback.

Control Tech’s bar and post aren’t perfect, but add some width to the bar, make the post cheaper, add the excellent FX stem and make everything look coordinated, and Control Tech could have a finishing kit to challenge the big boys.

Overall weight: 653g

Mbr rating: 8