Product Overview


Control Tech Newton £44.99

Weight: 154g/Lengths: 90, 100, 110, 120, 130mm/5-degree rise
Contact: Hotlines Ltd 0131 445 2600

Control Tech is back in the UK and sent two stems for this test — carbon and aluminium. The former actually came out heavier when we weighed them both, which is why we picked the alloy Newton for this test. It’s forged then machined from 7075 aluminium and features a 34mm diameter extension tube, 4mm bolts on the faceplate and 5mm on the steerer, a quality finish and deeply chamfered edges, so works well with carbon and lightweight aluminium handlebars. The bad news is this stem is at the upper end of the weight range and was also one of the most flexible here when we tested it. Not avaialble in any short lengths but if you want to add some resilience to a rigid bike it’s worth a look.