Product Overview


Continental Race King World Cup LTD £29.95

Weight: 487g / Sizes: 2.2in / Black Chilli Compound / Kevlar bead

Only 500 Race King World Cup LTD tyres will see UK stores. Unlike the Mountain King we tested a few months back, this tyre has a better tread pattern with an uninterrupted row of side knobs that we found held up better in the turns. These are also low profile, so roll fast. The rubber is Conti’s patented Black Chilli compound, so this tyre does belt along on hard trails and fire roads. They’d be an ideal way to add extra oomph to a heavy trail bike.
If Continental is planning to offer a more heavy duty/trail-specific Race King we’d like to see slightly more aggressive side knobs and a beefed up sidewall — the latter because the Supersonic casing on this tyre does fold too easily in the corners, especially when fitted to a narrow race rim.
Light, exclusive and dare we say it ’King fast, but trail riders should hold out for the reinforced Protection model, which should be here in the spring.