Product Overview


Charge Spoon Ti £49.99

Weight: 243g /Steel-railed version available / Leather cover / Black

Charge buys the mould for the Spoon from Velo, a Taiwanese saddle maker. The shape may be identical to the older SDG Bel Air but it is comfortable. The back angles downward for something to push against when climbing. The nose isn’t too narrow and there’s a slight hook to it so it doesn’t snag on baggies.
Charge fits a perforated leather cover and doesn’t include any stitching in the centre for flexibility and comfort.
This saddle is bang on average weight-wise and although a plush perch, the stitching on the top has started to fray and the perforated cover holds the dirt, which looks cheap. That said, it’s very well priced, although we’d probably go for the hollow cromoly version because it’s cheaper and only weighs in at a claimed 18g more.