Product Overview


Camelbak Uproar £74.99

Weight: 1.1kg / Colours: coyote, black and green / 28 litres of storage / 0.75 litre Better Bottle / Detachable waist belt
Contact: Zyro Ltd 01845 521700

This is an exclusive first look at the new Camelbak Uproar. It’s a lifestyle pack aimed at the BMX rider, skate park rider and college student, but there’s nothing stopping you using it as a mountain bike pack. It doesn’t come with a reservoir, but it does have one of the company’s Better Bottles stashed in an insulated side pocket, which can be upgraded with a hands-free adapter for £9.99. With the capacity to stash a full-face in the main mesh pocket, and arm and kneepads under the side straps, this would be ideal for freeride use. It’s even media-friendly, with a padded upper pocket for a video camera and an internal compartment for a laptop — for when you want to upload your home movies. This space can actually take a reservoir, and the Uproar even has the exit hole for the hose and the routing on the shoulder straps. Available in three colours, the Uproar is OK value-wise; our only worry is that it’s a big pack that could get overloaded.