Product Overview


CamelBak Mule £69.99

3l bladder / Cargo capacity 9l / Colours: blue, black, red, orange and limited edition brown / Air Director back panel / Removable waist belt / Weight: 900g
Contact: Zyro 01845 521700

CamelBak’s popular Mule has been redesigned for 2006 with a 25 per cent increase in cargo capacity. It now sports a soft-lined mp3 player pocket that will hold an iPod and a mobile phone — or if you go riding to escape technology you can just about squeeze in a pair of shades. There is also a limited edition four-season version with a thermal control kit that basically stops your tube freezing up.
A zip opening in the back means that you can access the bladder without the contents of the CamelBak falling out. This also makes it considerably easier to get the bladder in when the pack is stuffed to the gills. The outer mesh pocket isn’t big enough to hold a helmet, but you can securely stow a waterproof jacket and the new splashguard helps keep it clean. The sternum strap attachments are particularly trick and the Mule had all the hallmarks of CamelBak construction quality with a lifetime warranty on the bladder.