Product Overview


Bell Volt 2009 helmet review

All Volt helmets are provided with visor plugs, which means if you like to run your lid without a visor, you can cover up the mounting holes to keep them clean — they’re ideal for roadies and cross-country racers. This lot will also appreciate the Volt array of vents and sculpted channels — the custom-sculpted carbon-fibre intakes really suck the air inwards.

This year Bell’s GPS retention device gets a Twin Axis Gear (TAG) fit system, which basically means it has height or vertical adjustment. It doesn’t have a massive range, but the cool thing about GPS is you can make adjustments with one hand when you’re riding — helpful if you’ve over-tightened your lid on the start line.

Internally there is a set of anti-bacterial X-Static pads; we’d rather have them than not, but we’d assume most racers would wash there pads after a race anyway. The buckles were slightly twisted on our sample, but the adjusters meant we could get them out of the way under the jaw and they stay that way.

Now the bad news — at nearly £150 the Volt is a shock to the system. Yes it’s comfy, sleek and the best top-end helmet here, but it’s a nine because of the price.

Mbr rating: 9