Product Overview


BBB Dual choice £39.99

Weight: 460g/ Cleat replacement £9.95
Contact: Greyville 01543 251328

The clip-in side is almost identical in looks and entry to the Outland tested elsewhere. That’s to say, very good. Entry is solid and confidence-inspiring and release is reassuringly predictable.
On the flat pedal side, each corner has been fitted with a threaded rubber bump stop, adjustable in height to tailor grip, but past a certain height they reduce security on the shoe/pedal interface.
The extra weight of the cage on the flat side means they always hang with the clip upward. This, of course, makes using the clips easy, but also means that to use the flat side you need to flip the pedal over before you can put any pressure on. Since the benefit of a flat pedal is the ability to instantly stand on them and go, this is somewhat of a drawback. Although OK for the occasional rider, anyone with intentions of off-road use will need to choose: buy either a good clipless or good flattie. The BBB is just too compromised.