Product Overview


Avid Matchmaker Clamps £17.99

Weight: 35g
Fits all Avid brakes
Contact: www.

Matchmakers allow you to mount a 2007 X9 or 06/07 XO shifter onto any of Avid’s split-clamp brake levers. The clamps and bolts they replace weigh 52g, which means a paltry 17g weight saving, but this upgrade isn‘t about weight; it’s about neatness. Matchmakers are side specific but we found swapping the clamps over still allows a full range of adjustment, meaning you can still mount the shifter in or outboard of the lever depending on the orientation of the clamps.
As an upgrade Matchmakers are poor value, but if they were included as standard with Avid’s top-end disc brakes, the Juicy Carbons and Ultimates, they’d be worth having.