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Aqua2go Pro pressure washer


Aqua2go Pro pressure washer review

Price: €219.95

The concept of the portable washer is brilliant — rinse your bike at the end of the ride before the mud dries, and that weekly winter wash becomes a chore no more.

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But few I’ve tried over the years have really delivered in the field. Blown fuses, poor quality connections and a pathetic dribble have been the order of the day. That is, until I tried Aqua2go’s Pro washer.

For starters it’s more than just a washer — there’s a removable battery pack, so you can use it without plugging it into your car’s cigarette lighter. This also serves as a charger for accessories, such as phones, and it comes with an LED torch neatly docked in the side. You can even remove the unit and run a hose into a water source if you need to wash a load of bikes.

With a huge 20L capacity, a full tank will last 30 minutes of continuous use. I found that was enough to wash two cars, or three to four bikes depending on how dirty they were. And most importantly, it actually packs enough punch to be effective.


Pressure:3-10 bar