This is Adidas’s latest Evil Eye Evo, due for release in early 2015 and promising the same kind of unrestricted vision you get with a goggle but wrapped up in a wrap-around glasses format

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  • Great wrap-around coverage


Adidas Evil Eye Evo glasses first ride


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Popping the glasses on it’s clear the Evil Eye Evo has a much larger lens size than any riding glasses we’ve tested up till now. The top of the lens perches on your eyebrow and Adidas says this means you don’t see the frame even on steep when your eyes rove the top of your vision. Perhaps our eyes at mbr swivel higher than normal though, because the frame was definitely in sight on steep stuff.

Adidas Evil Eye Evo

The clear-lens option also has a hydrophobic coating to shed mud and mist

The Evil Eye Evo lens is also very wide, wrapping around your eyes and actually giving a decent amount of over-the-shoulder vision for road riding.

More importantly for riding off-road though, is the hydrophobic coating Adidas gives these glasses — externally to let mud slip off easily and internally to help ward off fogging. In early testing the glasses did fog up when we stopped (as all glasses will) but cleared extremely quickly.

There’s also something called Climacool Ventilation built into the Evil Eye Evo, which is basically a fancy name for the venting around the lenses. Coupled with the neat sweat bar that sits on your brow and the Evo felt dry and never clammy.

Adidas evil eye evo_2There’s a wealth of clever fitting systems going on too, from the two-size frames to the arm adjustments and multiple nose bridge settings. Swapping lenses is a doddle thanks to Adidas’s Lens-Lock system that secures the lens in place. And for riders needing correction lenses an insert can be fitted just behind the lens.

On first impressions we like the Evil Eye Evo, it offers a less restricted field of vision than any other eyewear option barring goggles and feels comfortable on your face. You’ll have to wait for a review in mbr magazine in 2015 for the full lowdown and rating though.

Watch Adidas eyewear in action, aboard Joe Barnes‘s face.



Release date :February 2015
Price:from £164.99