Product Overview


661 Race £39.99

Straps: 3/Sizes: s, m, l/Weight: 652g

A built-in mesh knee sock and Velcro strap on the 661 Race holds the injection-moulded knee cup in place and two Velcro straps secure the shin protector. The upper shin strap is pretty long so you can lop most of it off. Additional protection is offered by ‘closed cell foam’ padding, but because the 661 pads don’t wrap around your legs as much as some, it’s easy to get rotor burns on the inside of your left leg. Fit isn’t as good as the Race Face and the plastic kneecap protector tends to bunch up as the top strap works its way down your thigh. The 661 Race pads offer good protection, but if you like to take pads off on long climbs look elsewhere.