Still the reliable choice for clipped-in gravity riders

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Shimano Saint M820 pedal


Shimano Saint M820 pedal review


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Rather than going for the articulated, caged pedal like the old DX M647, the Shimano Saint M820 is a fixed position pedal in the same vein as the XT Trail.

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Being the originators of the off-road clipless pedal has given Shimano plenty of time to perfect the mechanism and the Saint pedal provides one of the most positive engagement of all the pedals. You certainly know when you are clipped in. Release tension is adjustable but as with the XT pedals, the factory default position feels perfect. If you do need to adjust, the indexed mechanism helps to maintain even tension for both sides.

Mud clearance can be an issue with the Saint; its blocky profile inhibits mud clearance. On particularly mucky days the Saint needed more ‘cleat kicking’ than any other pedal to encourage engagement.

The Saint is no lightweight though, weighing in as the heaviest fixed mechanism pedal on test. The upshot to that heft is the super robust build quality and solid construction should withstand years of rock smashing.

Like the XT Trail , the sealed cartridge bearings and chromoly axle have shown zero loss of performance and should make the Saint another reliable choice for clip-in gravity riders.


Platform:98 x 77mm