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Look X-Track Race Carbon pedal


Look X-Track Race Carbon pedal review


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Look X-Track Race Carbon is designed with a bit of extra body width compared to others in its category, providing it with a really positive shoe engagement.

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Look’s X-Track range of clipless pedals signifies a radical departure from its previous off-road iterations. Gone is the distinctive twin-bar retention system of the old S-Track, to be replaced with a mechanism heavily influenced by the classic Shimano twin-jaw SPD design. In fact, there are a lot of similarities with pedals from the big ‘S’, including a new SPD compatible cleat design. The X-Track Race Carbon differs from the standard X-Track through its use of a carbon reinforced body to reduce weight but otherwise superficially retains the same design.

Helping to keep power transfer and foot stability to a maximum. Stack height is nice and low as well, keeping your shoe as close to the axle as possible; again increasing rider stability on the bike. Cleat engagement has proved to be reliable and consistent even in the mud that has plagued the last few weeks of testing. It’s not quite as good at mud clearing as a Crank Brothers style pedal or even Look’s older pedals but a quick couple of kicks tend to clear enough mud to allow solid engagement. One other thing to note is release tension is a little on the high side. Whilst a benefit of this is a reduction in accidental unclippings, it does mean that many riders will need to dial down the strength to make sure they do release when needed.

The bearings have retained their original smooth rolling performance throughout a winter of testing but the same can’t be said of the carbon-composite body. Whilst it does shed weight in comparison to metal-bodied pedals, mashing the X-Tracks against rocks and the typical fumbling of a rider trying to find the pedal has left them looking a little tatty to say the least.

Reliable, light and supportive, the X-Track Race has proved to be a dependable pedal for racing and trail riding.