The Look S-Track is a radical looking pedal, but does it really deliver?

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Look S-Track clipless pedal


Look S-Track clipless pedal review


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With a similar twin-bar system to Mavic and Time, it came as no surprise the Look S-Track performed in a very similar manner.

The pedalling experience was very comfortable, due to the generous lateral and angular float, and engagement and release was always consistent and well-weighted.

As with the Mavic design, there is no tension adjustment mechanism, but we didn’t feel any great urge to change it anyway.


The cleats come with several spacers to lift them off the sole of the shoe, and you will need to experiment to get this right, because if there’s too little clearance the tread of the shoe can bind with the pedal body, preventing a clean twist and prompt exit.

The S-track is the only clipless pedal on test that can be ungraded by buying an aftermarket cage which bolts on the outside.

Three options are available: a minimalist Christoph Sauser signature model (£30), generously sized composite number (£20) and a very pricy alloy enduro-style cage (£60).

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It all adds up to a tremendously versatile pedal system that is the lightest on test and worth consideration whatever type of riding you favour.


Weight:328 grams
Cleat compatibilty:Look S-Track