Showing signs of wear after one winter season

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Funn Ripper


Funn Ripper pedal review


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The new Funn Ripper follows in the footsteps of Funn’s popular fixed position pedal, the Mamba, in having a super wide body for extra foot support.

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Funn is another company to have also brought out a sprung loaded clipless pedal. It’s the widest pedal by far so in theory should suit riders with bigger plates of meat. I say in theory as the mechanism is offset, sitting closer to the crank arm than most other pedals. As such, riders with large feet or users of trail shoes might find issues with crank rub.

At the core of the Ripper is the sprung loaded clip mechanism but unlike the DMR V-Twin pedal, this only rotates to a flat position so doesn’t quite have the same floating feel. It does however give a secure base for the shoe. Like many of the pedals, initial setup of the Ripper found that the pins gripped too well, engagement worked best with the rear pins recessed further than as standard.

Mechanically the Ripper is starting to suffer after a winter of use. The sprung mechanism has lost its snap, preventing the front from sitting up quickly for engagement. Also, the bearings have developed considerable resistance, something that can cause additional fatigue on longer rides.


Platform:98 x 89mm