The Mudhugger FRX front mudguard is lighter and cheaper than its rivals but it doesn't boast quite as good protection.

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Mudhugger FRX Front


  • Bends rather than breaks


  • Not quite as adaptable as some


Mudhugger FRX Front mudguard review


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The Mudhugger FRX is a one-piece injection moulded mudguard made in the UK from 100 per cent recycled black polypropylene. Like other best mountain bike mudguards like the Rapid Racer Product Pro Guard Max, it attaches to the fork brace and lower legs using standard zip ties – four are provided in the box. Several sets of holes are cut into the guard allowing various mounting options. Mudhugger says the FRX is compatible with 26in, 27.5in, 27.5 Plus and 29in wheels as well as tyres up to three inches wide, but we had to angle it slightly when mounting it to our 29er test mule, and you may have to do the same for bigger tyres.

Previous Mudhuggers we’ve tested have run a bit close to the tyre, and some have rubbed on the edge knobs, but we had no such issues this time out. It’s slightly shorter at the front the Pro Guard Max and Mucky Nutz MugGuard, but it’s just as effective at warding off mud splatter and wheel spray. You can also extend the back of the guard using Mudhugger’s (£6) MAX extender – an extra three-inch piece of plastic that you bolt to the end of the guard.

The plastic construction is a little bit more flexible that the two above, so this guard should bend rather than break if you happen whack it in a crash. It’s also lighter, which won’t matter when it’s clean, but you often gave a pound of mud sticking to a front mudguard, so every little helps.


The FRX is a sleek guard that looks even better with Vorova custom decals – available through the Mudhugger site. There’s not quite the mounting options or coverage of the RRP ProGuard Max but it’s great value, lightweight and dead easy to fit.