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Ravemen PR1200 light


Ravemen PR1200 light review


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With much the same design as the Blackburn Countdown 1600, using almost identical dimensions agps mbrnd materials, the Ravemen PR1200 is definitely pushing for the same audience.

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It has the same micro-usb charge point, but adds a USB output which is handy for topping up phones or GPS in emergencies – a nice touch. But despite being made to a tighter budget it still wins on a few important points.

Ravemen PR1200

The first is beam pattern. They have clearly thought about it – kudos to them for this important step – and have made one lens a diffused beam for close in work and the other for punching up the trail when needed. The result is a very pleasing smooth pool of light transitioning to a spot further out – not perfect, but a damn sight better than even some of the much more expensive units on test.

The lack of power shows here unfortunately, with less punch for distance work letting it down. We also feel the light temperature is a little on the warm side which reduces its effectiveness further, but for the price we are still impressed.

The display is a much more rudimentary affair than the swanky Blackburn unit however, with crude seven segment LED numbers spelling out in one decimal place how much run time is remaining in hours, and a small indicator showing high and low beams. It works of course, just not as pleasing on the eye.


Weight (with mounting hardware):240g
Run Time/Max:2 hrs